China Visitors Summit
InterContinental Hotel Dusseldorf, GERMANY

What is CVS and what to expect at CVS?

Since 2009, the China Visitors Summit (CVS) produced and operated around the world by China i2i Group has brought more than 1000 Chinese travel buyers together in face to face matchmaking meetings designed to maximize the business potential for travel from China to the world. Each summit offers a mixture of 100 Chinese travel buyers, including key executive decision makers from travel agencies, tour operators, corporate travel managers, MICE planners and shopping consultants.

Meet and Exchange

Face-to-face prescheduled preselected one on one meetings with the most highly qualified Chinese travel buyers.

Be Efficient

Each 15 minute session with the travel buyers gives you an opportunity to introduce your travel products

No Language Barrier

Your personalized interpreter will be with you for the entire conference. Communications without boundry.


Networking with the Chinese buyers every morning, at lunch, during breaks and over drinks every evening.












Face-to-face meetings

How are these buyers selected?

Our team of attendee developers chooses buyers through a 4-step process:


Target firms are selected that are active or developing travel business for the CVS host region, with a focus on: FIT, Corporate, Group, MICE, Shopping, Sports and Medical.


Executive decision makers who plan and procure travel products are invited. Including: CEO’s, department chiefs, procurement directors and business managers.


Each Chinese buyer pays a registration fee of 3000 rmb, approximately €375. And then each buyer purchases and shows CVS their confirmed paid air ticket and travel visa.


Buyer registration is confirmed. Now he/she is ready to meet you and get to know your company products.

Value NOTICE: Please note that CVS is NOT a Fam trip.

All of the selected Chinese buyers are vetted, invited, pay a registration fee and pay their air to attend the event!!!!

China Training Day @ CVS

On May 22, you are invited to join a one day seminar on China tourism, understanding the market conditions, selling, marketing, business and opportunities. The training day sessions will be led by experts with real market experience, not just theory, with case studies to share and question and answer time plus networking.

China Training Day: €399 (Per Person)+ USt for CVS Registered Suppliers                     €499 (Per Person)+USt for NON-CVS Registered Suppliers

Click here to download the full schedule of China Training Day

Alexander GLOS

CEO at China i2i Group

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt

Director COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute

Dr. Minjuan Deng-Westphal

Head of Research COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute

Prof. Dr. Jonas Polfuß


Supplier Registration

Register now to secure your space with us =)

Why Attend?  To Meet the most valuable Chinese travel buyers doing global business.

Who Should Attend?  – Global travel suppliers, including: national, provincial and city destinations, attractions, museums, airlines, car rental companies, global hotel marketing groups, local hotel operators, receptive tour operators, shopping malls, department stores, national and international brands, transport companies, medical clinics and hospitals, conference centers, MICE venues and services.

Networking? Morning, noon and evening – events designed for you to meet the buyers you want.

2600 Plus 19% USt
One Single Delegate Registration.
  • Designed for single / individual Delegate. One set of face-to-face matchmaking appointments with the Chinese buyers
  • This single delegate registration will have one set of face-to-face matchmaking appointments with the Chinese buyers
  • 46 face-to-face scheduled meetings
  • Networking luncheon each conference day
  • Networking reception each conference evening
  • Complete access to the buyer contact database
  • Complete access to the conference WeChat networking system
  • Your delegate profile provided to all CVS Chinese buyer delegates
  • Your delegate profile mini-site on for 12,000 travel buyers in China
  • Your Delegate One Page Profile in China Premium Traveler – 180,000 Monthly Readers, China’s largest circulating monthly magazine for Chines global travelers and shoppers.
2300 Plus 19% USt
Two Delegate from One Company Registration.
  • Designed only for two delegates attending the conference together, each having a single supplier registration
  • Each delegate with one set of face-to-face matchmaking appointments with the Chinese buyers
  • 46 face-to-face scheduled meetings per delegate, 92 in total
  • Networking luncheon each conference day
  • Networking reception each conference evening
  • Complete access to the buyer contact database
  • Complete access to the conference WeChat networking system
  • Your supplier profile provided to all CVS Chinese buyer delegates
  • Your supplier profile mini-site on for 12,000 travel buyers in China
  • Your Supplier One Page Profile in China Premium Traveler – 180,000 Monthly Readers, China’s largest circulating monthly magazine for Chines global travelers and shoppers.
2100 Plus 19% USt
3–5 Delegates Registration as a Group.
  • Designed for a destination, hotel group or other organization that requires multiple and separate supplier presentations.
  • Each with a single set of face-to-face matchmaking appointments with the Chinese buyers
  • 46 face-to-face scheduled meetings for each supplier
  • Networking luncheon each conference day
  • Networking reception each conference evening
  • Complete access to the buyer contact database
  • Complete access to the conference WeChat networking system
  • Each supplier profile provided to all CVS Chinese buyer delegates
  • Each supplier profile mini-site on for 12,000 travel buyers in China
  • Each Supplier One Page Profile in China Premium Traveler – 180,000 Monthly Readers, China’s largest circulating monthly magazine for Chines global travelers and shoppers.

Supplier and Buyer List

Check out the most updated supplier and buyer list here for CVS Europe 2018

Supplier List (As of March 29, 2018)

  • Accor Hotels
  • Air China
  • Albtours D – Vas Tour Operator
  • Alpha Adventure Safaris Uganda
  • Arctic Adventure
  • Atomium

  • Austrian Airlines
  • Autostadt Germany
  • Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet
  • Best Hotels
  • Bremer Touristik-Zentrale GmbH

  • Breuninger
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Cappella Hotels

  • Chinese Outbound Travel

  • Dark Sky

  • Deutsche Hospitality
  • Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection
  • Dorint Hotels
  • Duisburg Kontor GmbH
  • Düsseldorf Airport
  • Düsseldorf Convention Bureau
  • Dualia
  • Eurowings
  • Fox Transfer
  • Galeria Kaufhof GmbH.
  • Gardaland Resort
  • Gold Limousine
  • Heineken Experience
  • Henri Willig Cheese – Zaanse Schans NL
  • Hoteis Cristal
  • Hotel Las Americas
  • Hotel Maison Messmer GmbH.
  • Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • Iceland & Greenland Partnership
  • Incentive Europe
  • Inova Hospitality Management
  • Intercontinental Hotels

  • Intertimes Group

  • Italia Tourismus
  • K-D Cruises
  • Kaufhoff – Galeria
  • Kihaa Maldives
  • Koblenz Tourism
  • Koningsalle Marketing
  • Leonardo Hotels
  • Lufthansa

  • Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf
  • Mini – Europe
  • New Adventure Ltd.

  • Nicko Cruises Flussreisen GmbH.

  • Onyria Golf Resorts

  • Palacio Estoril Hotel Gold & Spa
  • Pinhal Tour DMC

  • Premium Incoming DMC

  • Protucaribe SA
  • Pure! Peru SAC – Pure! Travel Group
  • Purity Tours
  • Rjiks Museum Netherlands
  • Schaap & Citroen NV
  • Sedlinger & Associates
  • Sofitel Baltimore Paris
  • Soussa & Taveras SA
  • Stuttgart Marketing
  • Swiss Airlines
  • Tourism Group Holding
  • TrainWorld
  • Tsiky Tour Madagascar
  • Uniline Travel Company
  • Vas Tour Austria
  • Vila Galé Hotel Group
  • Visit Brussels
  • Visit Dusseldorf
  • Wallonie Belgique Tourism
  • Windsor Travel Group
  • WOW air
  • Zazare – Netherlands
  • Zugspitze – Top of Germany

Buyer List (As of Jan 31, 2018)

  • Round The World Travel Co.  / Roy YE /  GM
  • Merry International Travel Agency (Beijing) CO.,LTD  /  Shuanghua CHEN  / GM
  • Xi’an Huash Business Service CO., LTD /  Julia ZHANG / GM
  • Suzhou China International Travel Service Co., Ltd. / Xin FEI / Vice GM
  • BeiJing Luxtrip Holding.Ltd / Jie SHEN / Deputy Director of Easter China
  • BravoTours Shanghai / Guohua LIN / GM
  • Beijing Tianxiang International Travel Agency / Dejun JIANG / GM
  • Beijing business international travel service co. LTD / Xinman FENG / Asst to GM
  • China Commercial Int’l Travel Service Co., ltd / Po CHEN / Manager
  • Beijing Funion International Travel Service Co.,LTD / Sanshuang HAO / GM
  • Chengdu China Youth Travel Service / Ailing TU / GM
  • Easytour Intemational Travel Service(Beijing)Co.,Ltd / Yao LIU / Manager of Supplier
  • Shengli Oilfield Youth Intern’l Travel Service Co.Ltd. / Hai PENG / GM
  • Shanghai Ctrip Travel Service Company /Iris LU/ Senior Manager
  • Exquisite Learning (Beijing) Int’l Cultural Exchange co. LTD/Xiangtao LI/ GM
  • Customization Service Center of Shanghai Yangzi Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd/Weiqing JIN/ GM
  • Guangdong Tianma International Travel Co.,Ltd Dongjian Sales Department/Lina YANG/ Europe Dept
  • Guangdong Tianma International Travel Co., Ltd/Guoying DENG/ MICE Dept
  • Shaanxi China Travel Service Co.,Ltd, Branch Company of Qujiang/Yanrong HE/ VGM
  • Beijing Dignity Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd/Hui YUAN/ GM
  • Guangzhou Oceanwide International Travel Agency Co.,Ltd/Gehu HUANG/ GM
  • Legend Travel /Hao PENG/ Sales Director
  • Beijing Youth Travel Service Ltd./Liyong SHEN/ Manager
  • Shenzhen Shile International Travel Service Co.,Ltd/Weiming XU/ Product Manager
  • Zhong Tang Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd/Liwei GAO/ Deptment GM
  • Beiqi Travel/Bohui GUO/ Manager
  • LiaoNing Lucky Internal Travel Service Co., Ltd./Di LU/ Outbound Manager
  • Tsai Hsing Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd/Bruce TIEN/ Managing Director
  • Beijing Tianping Int’l Travel Service/Danqi LI/ Operator
  • Beijing Tianping Int’l Travel Service/Bohui SUN/ Operator
  • Jiangmen Huaxia Int’l Travel Service Co., Ltd/Jianwen YE/ GM
  • PiPi Lvyouquan/Shanchuan DU/ Business Director
  • Tianjin YuanXia Business information consulting co. LTD/Hao REN/ GM
  • Beijing Youth Travel Service/Chunling FAN/ Outbound Dept Manager
  • Beijing Youth Travel Service/Lixia WANG/ Group Business Manager
  • CITS (Beijing) Travel Service Co., Ltd/Li MA/ Operator
  • Tianjin 5iucn Tourism Information Consulting Co. Ltd./Ying JIA/ Operation Director
  • Enjoy Tour (Beijing) Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd/Ting TAO/ Manager
  • CAS International Travel Service (Beijing) Co.Ltd/Na LI/ Operation Director
  • Ba Zhang You (Beijing) International Travel Service Co., Ltd./Juncheng WANG/ GM
  • Relax International Travel Agency./Maria/ GM
  • Shanghai Int’l Travel Service Co.Ltd/Anqing SUN/ Managing Director
  • Shanghai Int’l Travel Service Suzhou Brunch/Jie SUN/ Deputy GM of Outbound Dept
  • Chengdu Weide Business Service Co.,LTD./Xin YANG/ OP Manager
  • Beijing Jinjia Travel Consulting Co. Ltd./Wenhua TAN/ Purchasing Director
  • Guangdong Peace Int’l  Tourism Co., Ltd./Ying ZHANG/ Department Manager
  • Guangdong Peace Int’l  Tourism Co., Ltd./Ning LU/ Manager
  • China Women Travel Service./Fang XIE/ Department Supervisor
  • CTS MICE Service Co., Ltd./Xiaomei YE/ Senior Marketing Manager
  • China Merchants Tour Business and Exhibition (Tianjin) Co., Ltd/Carl LEE/ GM
  • Chongqing Yutai Strait International Travel Agency Co., Ltd./Ye YUAN/ Managing Director
  • Beijing Jingtu lnt’l Travel Service Co.,Ltd/Xiaohong SHI/ Director of Outbound Dept
  • China Travel Service Head Office Northwest Co.Ltd/Jingxia ZHANG/ Manager of Europe and America Dept
  • GuangDong Peace International Tourism Co.,Ltd/Yantong CHEN/ Director of Business
  • CITIC Travel Shanghai Co., Ltd/Jian GAO/ Director of Europe Customized Dept
  • China Commercial International Travel Service Co., Ltd/Na LI/ Manager of Int’l Dept 2
  • Global Travel Club Incentive Tourism Company/Yang LI/ Deputy Manager of Int’l Dept
  • Hangzhou China Travel Service Co.,Ltd/Yi JIN/ Manager of Europe Dept
  • Beijing Yihekang Sports Culture Co.,ltd/Cheng YANG/ Manager of Operation
  • Sichuan China Youth Travel Service Co.,Ltd Tianxia Branch/Fang YUAN/ Deputy GM
  • Chengdu Impression Exhibition Service Co., Ltd /Feng YANG/ GM
  • Chongqing Boyuan Business Exhibition Co Ltd /Xin YANG/ Operator
  • LVYE lntemational Travel Service(Beijing)Co, Ltd /Dongquan LI/ Sales Director


Please stay turned for the most updated supplier schedule

  • 10:30
    Registration Opens – Düsseldorf Intercontinental Hotel, Düsseldorf, Germany
  • 11:00
    Welcome & Opening Remarks
  • 11:15
    China Overview – What is driving China’s tourism growth? In order to best understand the extraordinary growth of China’s global tourism expansion, its first important to understand how China is growing domestically, the impact of economic growth and expansion within China, domestic tourism, financial resources, appetites for sociably acceptable lifestyles, domestic consumption habits and the motivation that most Chinese have in their global travel desires. This session will set the stage for the afternoon details and case studies. – Presented By Alexander Glos – China i2i Group /
  • 12:00
    Lunch – Buffet: China Case Studies – after a quick bite to eat, this luncheon session will highlight some case studies of success by various travel suppliers in their business development with Chinese inbound travelers. Focus on hotels, destinations, shopping and travel services.Presented By – To Be Announced /
  • 13:30
    China Tourism – Nuts & Bolts – Market trends – not only is China the fastest growing source of global tourism, but it is also the fastest changing tourism ecosystem. From just 10 years ago, a market that was completely dominated by tour groups, is rapidly expanding to become largely a FIT, MICE and corporate travel marketplace. How is this changing source impacting your business as a destination, hotel, travel supplier and how can you manage this evolution to fit your business model.Presented By Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt /
  • 14:00
    Chinese Traveler Expectations – as Chinese tourism appetites evolve so does their expectations. The days of having slippers and hot water makers in the sleeping room as your message welcoming Chinese travelers has passed. The expectation of the more experienced Chinese traveler is increasingly similar to most global travelers. Younger Chinese travelers who have never experienced a tour group are looking for adventure, localized interaction, art, music and shopping. Traditional group travelers are looking for iconic destinations, trophy experiences to share with their friends back home. Business tourists are looking for business hotels and efficiency – with a getaway for a few days attached. MICE travel is growing rapidly and brings an array of unique and custom designed needs by the Chinese clients. How can you mate your profit centers to this broad-based growing marketplace and success with China?Presented By – Speaker To Be Announced /
  • 14:30
    Shopping – in many markets, Chinese travelers spend upwards of 50% of their total travel budget on shopping. What are their desires, interests, habits and how does this impact you as a travel destination, hotel and or travel supplier? Even if you’re not a retailer, or luxury brand, you need to understand that shopping plays an important part in the attraction, retention and return of the Chinese traveler.Presented By – Alexander Glos, China i2i Group /
  • 15:00
  • 15:15
    China Social Media – the first thing to remember is that whatever social media programs you are using in the West, they don’t work in China. If you thought the Chinese travel environment was changing rapidly, it’s actually very slow compared to Chinese social media. Wechat and Weibo are dominant but increasingly new platforms are evolving and enterprises are becoming faster and more efficient in utilizing different and new Chinese social media to target segmented global Chinese travelers and shoppers. This session will give you a quick overview of the environment, what you need in terms of building your own social media program and how you can target your messaging to those travelers who are best for your business.Presented By – Alexander Glos, China i2i Group /
  • 16:00
    Online and Mobile Trends In China – China is the largest and fastest growing mobile market in the world. Not just in terms of mobile phones, but specifically how mobile devices are used as a marketing, communications and sales transactional tool. This session will focus on the growth of mobile payment services, specifically Alipay and Wechat pay, their use, their attraction, their impact and how you can utilize these merchant services to more effectively attract Chinese travelers and shoppers.Presented By – Prof Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt /
  • 16:30
    Doing Business With China – how can you most effectively do business with China? This session will focus on working with receptive tour operators in Europe, directly with travel agencies in China on a wholesale and leisure basis, how to best approach online travel agencies and consolidators, corporate travel offices and MICE managers. As the Chinese global traveler ecosystem evolves and grows, the opportunities for you are expanding rapidly but at the same time so is the complexity. This session will provide you with a roadmap as to how you can effectively build your business from afar and ultimately develop close relationships with your travel buyers from China.Presented By – Speaker To Be Announced /
  • 17:00
    Cocktail – after all this information, you’ll definitely need a drink!
  • 09:00
    23 09:00
  • 12:00
    23 Lunch
  • 13:30
    23 Afternoon One2One Matchmaking
  • 17:00
    23 Conference Adjourns
  • 17:00
    23 Evening Reception & Dinner
  • 09:00
    24 Morning One2One Matchmaking
  • 12:00
    24 Luncheon
  • 13:30
    24 Afternoon One2One Matchmaking
  • 17:00
    24 Conference Adjourns


Special thanks to all partners who help make this event happen


China Visitors Summit will take place at InterContinental Dusseldorf. Address: Königsallee 59, 40215 Düsseldorf, Germany

CVS Hotel Reservations for Suppliers Are Now Available At The Düsseldorf InterContinental Hotel – Book Now! All CVS meetings and activities, plus the China training day are held at the InterContinental. InterContinental® Dusseldorf’s outstanding city centre location puts the city at your fingertips, from host location of the CVS to the charming Altstadt and the River Rhine. Warm stone, sparkling glass and rich fabrics speak of sophisticated luxury, while elegant rooms and suites offer both comfort and indulgence. You can discover the city with insider tips from the concierge, relax with a massage at the adjoining health centre and catch up with friends over cocktails at bar fifty nine.

CVS special rates are:   € 159,00 – Single     € 174,00 – Double

This rate includes breakfast each day, spa access, pool use and USt – VAT. These rates are available from 21 – 25 of May, based on availability:

Website Booking is Now Available:

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