China / Global Visitors Summit
Milan, Italy

Welcome to the China / Global Visitors Summit – Europe – 2020

The CVS (China Visitors Summit) is joining forces with the GVS (Global Visitors Summit) in 2020 and 2021 to bring more buyers from emerging outbound travel markets, including: India, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi, GCC, South Africa, Brazil and more. Adding more buyers from more developing markets increases the value to you as a supplier.

The buyers from these new markets must apply to join, prove they doing €500,000 in business into Europe, they must pay the buyer registration fee and their air tickets to join.

As a supplier, you can pick the buyers you want to meet, allowing you to design the event that most satisfies you’re your sales needs, by country as well by buyer type: leisure, MICE, corporate and more. There is no extra charge for the suppliers to join the GVS.

For over 10 years the CVS / GVS has been bringing together global travel buyers with international travel suppliers.  More than 1400 businesses have met together to do business – face to face – at CVS’s and GVS’s.

The CVS / GVS is all about business to business.  The core of the event is two days of face to face meetings between 140 travel suppliers and 140 travel buyers resulting in over 7,000 appointments.  It’s like speed dating.  You get to pick the buyers and they get to pick you too.  You will have 50 pre-scheduled appointments with the buyers – normally about 75% of your selected choices will be confirmed and the remainder is assigned randomly.

The CVS / GVS is not a FAM trip!  The buyers are nominated based on their sales and business into the host region.  The buyer delegate is then chosen based on their responsibility for procuring and developing product.  Finally, each buyer must pay a registration fee (€300) to join the event and purchase their own air tickets to attend, typically about €1800.

In 2020 the CVS / GVS – Europe will be produced twice, north and south, with a focus on Summer and Winter bookings.

Fall For Winter Business

Date: November 10 – 12, 2020

Details: November 10, 2020 China Training Day

Details: November 11-12, 2020 B2B Matchmaking Day

Place: Milan, Italy

Venue: Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Congress Centre

The CVS / GVS is NOT a FAM trip! 

It’s a B2B trip!

All of the buyers are vetted and selected based on the amount, value and type of business they are bringing to Europe. The individual delegates chosen must be responsible for procurement of travel product and responsible for developing it for resale.  Each buyer must prove their responsibility by showing contracts or confirmations of travel business placement to be accepted to the CVS / GVS.  Finally, each buyer pays a registration fee of approximately €300, plus their airfare to the CVS / GVS and is only then accepted to be a buyer delegate.

Who Are The Buyers

That You Will Meet at The CVS / GVS

Travel agents, tour operators, MICE managers, corporate travel planners and media.  In 2019, the buyers who attended the CVS were responsible for over €260 million in business and over 300,000 travelers to Europe.

The CVS / GVS Welcomes

All Travel Suppliers And Marketers

National, Provincial And City Destinations, Attractions, Museums, Airlines, Car Rental Companies, Global Hotel Marketing Groups, Local Hotel, Operators, Receptive Tour Operators, Shopping Malls, Department Stores, National And International Brands, Transport Companies, Theme Parks, Historical Sites, Medical Clinics And Hospitals, Conference Centers, MICE Venues, Travel Services

Join & Promote: Partnering with the CVS / GVS and i2i China means more than making the right contacts; it means being an insider. It means being connected to the right buyers with the right level of influence, and it means you are allied with a globally respected organization and leader in the global tourism industry. Experience the power of partnership with CVS / GVS and China i2i. Sponsorship, promotion, exhibiting and marketing packages are designed to provide a solid platform to help you stand out and make an impact. Our programs allow you to achieve your marketing goals and deliver a maximum return on your investment. We have developed convenient and customizable packages to help your organization meet its objectives and reach your target buyers at CVS / GVS.

Why You Should Join CVS / GVS

B2B Meetings

Two days of face to face meetings with the buyers.  About four weeks before the summit, each supplier will receive a complete list of the buyers, including their contact details and a detailed description of the business  that they are interested in. Suppliers are invited to pick 50 buyers they want to meet with during the face to face meetings.  Simultaneously, the buyers are also selecting 50 suppliers they want to meet.  Approximately 75% of your requests will be scheduled.  You will receive 50 face to face meetings over the two days of the summit.

Each face to face meeting is 15 minutes.  You will receive a complete schedule of your appointments and their contact details one week before the summit and a complete list of your appointments will be in your registration package when you register on-site. You are free to and encouraged to contact the buyers in advance.


During the CVS / GVS, there are several times to connect with the buyers who you do not have scheduled meetings with.  Each lunch is designed to help you meet any of the buyers you want to meet.  It’s easy to find a buyer at the CVS / GVS and if you need help, just ask any CVS / GVS staff to help make an introduction.

On the evening of the first day of the face to face meetings, the CVS hosts a reception and buffet for all of the Chinese buyers and international suppliers.  This is a perfect time to meet and relax with the Chinese buyers.  As they say in China – if you are not eating and drinking – you are not really doing business!

During the morning and afternoon breaks – you have time to connect with buyers as your share a coffee or tea. Staying in the host hotel also helps you connect with the buyers as you can enjoy breakfast with the buyers every morning.


The China Training Day @ The CVS / GVS is held on the first day of the summit.

The CTD is a an educational forum designed to immerse you in training about general travel business development and information for travel suppliers.  The second track is focused on sales and marketing strategies – social media, mobile money, retail, branding, advertising and promotions.

The CTD is available for registration at €399 or €499 for non-CVS / GVS delegates, including lunch, refreshments, syllabus and downloadable training information.

What You Get

  • 50 Face To Face Meetings With Buyers Predominately Of Your Choice
  • Daily Lunch With The Buyers
  • Contact Details From All 140 Buyers
  • Reception And Buffet Dinner With All Buyers On The Evening Of The First Day Of The Summit.
  • Morning And Afternoon Refreshment Breaks
  • Interpreters On A First Come First Serve Basis.
  • Your Delegate Profile Provided To All CVS Buyers
  • Your Delegate Profile On The i2iTravel Wechat Platform For 12,000 Travel Buyers In China
  • Your Delegate Profile In China Premium Traveler Magazine – 180,000 Monthly Readers – China’s Largest Circulating Magazine For Chinese Global Travelers And Shoppers.

Supplier Registration

3450 PP
  • 1 Person Registration
  • 50 B2B Appointments Each
  • Evening Reception
  • Each Summit Day Lunch
  • Each Summit Day Breaks
  • Complimentary Interpreters As Available
  • Complete Listing In the CVS / GVS Catalog
3150 PP
  • For 2 Persons From The Same Enterprise With Separate & Different Appointment Schedules
  • 50 B2B Appointments Each
  • Evening Reception
  • Each Summit Day Lunch
  • Each Summit Day Breaks
  • Complimentary Interpreters As Available
  • Complete Listing In the CVS / GVS Catalog
2950 PP
  • For 3 -4 Persons From The Same Enterprise With Separate & Different Appointment Schedules
  • 50 B2B Appointments Each
  • Evening Reception
  • Each Summit Day Lunch
  • Each Summit Day Breaks
  • Complimentary Interpreters As Available
  • Complete Listing In the CVS / GVS Catalog
2458 PP
  • For 5 or More Persons From The Same Enterprise or Group With Separate & Different Appointment Schedules
  • Book 5 And Get 1 Free!
  • 50 B2B Appointments Each
  • Evening Reception
  • Each Summit Day Lunch
  • Each Summit Day Breaks
  • Complimentary Interpreters As Available
  • Complete Listing In the CVS / GVS Catalog

VAT Notice:  China i2i Group is a Hong Kong registered company and is not permitted to charge European VAT or collect VAT.  Additionally, China i2i is not eligible for a VAT refund or exclusion because the CVS / GVS is produced in Europe and in business service is provided in Europe and not exported.  Hence, China i2i is required to pay all VAT on services, rentals, goods and all expenses incurred in Europe.  The operational costs of the CVS / GVS are augmented by these additional VAT costs and hence the registration fees reflect these added costs without the benefits of a VAT designation and/or possibility of refund.

Once you register for the summit as a supplier, you are committed to attending the summit and paying the appropriate registration fees and or other costs as so registered. If you wish to cancel your registration you may do so for free within 24 hours. After 24 hours, any cancellation requires a 50% penalty of the total registration fee and or other costs as so selected. After Feb 1, 2020 any cancellation requires full payment of the total registration fee and/or other costs as so selected. Registration substitutions may be granted at the sole discretion of the producer. For any questions or details regarding this cancellation policy, please contact:

As a registrant at the CVS / GVS, photos and videos will be taken of the conference for possible future promotional use and by registering to the CVS / GVS you agree that your image may be used in future photo or video promotions to be used by the producer. In the event that the producer cancels or adjusts the schedule of the CVS / GVS, the supplier will be offered alternative dates and registration for comparable use at the sole discretion of the producer. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances or force majeure that requires the cancellation, reschedule, postponement or adjustment of the summit in any way, the producer has the sole and exclusive right to make such adjustments , changes postponements and cancelations as deemed in the best interested of the summit, and any fees, payments or compensations due from the supplier to the producer remain due and payable in full to the producer pursuant to the terms of registration and any possible compensation due in return to the supplier is at the exclusive discretion of the producer. Under such conditions and circumstances the producer is held harmless by the supplier and/or registrant. These terms maybe amended and adjusted at the sole discretion of the producer and any further details regarding these terms maybe be obtained solely from the producer.


CVS / GVS 2020

Date: November 10 – 12, 2020
Place: Milan, Italy
Venue: Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Congress Centre
Start Date: November 9, 2020
End Date: November 12, 2020
Last Day to Book: November 5, 2020
Double single use € 159.50 VAT and breakfast included
Double use € 181.50 VAT and breakfast included

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